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Japan Company Visit Partners

Confidential, Custom, Constructive

Bespoke research and visits

Japan is a great hunting ground for investors. The Japanese small-cap universe is inefficient due to often poor management disclosure practices, sparse analyst coverage, and an institutional bias towards larger companies.


Japan Company Visit Partners are willing to invest the time, energy and expertise to help you “discover” these overlooked companies and take advantage of the information asymmetries. 


With our years of experience covering Japanese companies, we will visit companies on your behalf and conduct bespoke research in a way that makes sense for your investment process.


Top of the Mountain

What we do

Company Visits

  • We work with you to identify attractive companies to visit 

  • Each meeting is 100% bespoke and unique to your requirements

  • We engage in constructive and purposeful dialogue with management 


  • We carry out independent bespoke research

  • Thematic, industry, company specific research

  • Financials models and company analysis 

Bespoke services

  • A bespoke service tailored to your investment process

  • In-depth preparation, detailed reporting, allowing you to concentrate on adding value

About us

Over four decades of financial market experience, spent on the ground in Japan.


Our team approach to visiting companies provides a holistic unbiased view, incorporating all aspects of fundamentals and valuation; competitiveness and key drivers; and strategy and governance. 




Rodney Reid. A Japan specialist, with over 20 years of experience in Tokyo as a hedge fund analyst and sales & trading roles


Mark Chadwick. A Japan specialist, with over 20 years of experience in Tokyo, Asia and London as an equity analyst and sales roles. 

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